Sightseeing flights over Sumava

  • Do you desire to climb to clouds and to enjoy unique look at beauties of our country?
  • Well known places will charm you and unknown will amaze you.
  • Favorite places destinations: castle Rabi, Kasperk, Velhartice, Svihov, Klenova, town Susice with a peak Svatobor, Sumava, Black and Devil lake, Arber.
  • You can make a videos and photos during your flight through cockpit or from window.
    • We offer

      Sightseeing flights over Sumava in airplane Zlin Z 143 L
      • Type of aircraft: Zlin Z 143 L / pilot + 3 passangers
      • Flight altitude: minimum 300 m AGL (above ground level)
      • Speed of the flight: 200 km/h
      • Airport: Klatovy (LKKT)

      You can offer these flights as a gifts to your friends and relatives at the various occasions in a form of gift certificate.



      • The price (costs) are always for the whole aircraft (pilot + 3 passengers),
      • There is limitation of the total weight of all passengers - always up to pilot approval.
      • Flights might be limited by weather and meteorological conditions.
      • Final approval of the flight is always up on discretion of the pilot.
      • Price/costs of the flight depends on the total flight duration and will be calculated based on concrete flight/rout specification.
      • Flights with costs sharing are performed in an accordance with EU decision Nr. 965/2012 and EC Nr. 216/2008. These are not commercial flights.

      Contacts and booking:

      Phone: +420 602 432 691

      Recommended routs:

      Based on our experience we offer following favourite routs, including approximate flight duration:

      1. Klatovy airport - Sumava's lakes - Kasperk castle - Rabi castle - Velhartice castle - back to the airport.
          Approximate flight duration: 40 minutes.

      Zážitkový let

      2. Klatovy airport - Kasperk castle (via Susice) - Velhartice castle - back to the airport.
          Approximate flight duration 30 min.

      Zážitkový let

      3. Klatovy airport - Velhartice castle - Klenová castle - and back to the airport.
          Approximate flight duration 20 min.

      Zážitkový let

      4. Klatovy airport - Klenova castle - Svihov, water castle and back to the airport.
          Approximate flight duration 15 min.

      Zážitkový let